Project Description

LEAP – Leadership Education Adventure Program
An Adventure-based Program designed to enhance personal and professional development for:

Health Care Agencies
Religious Organizations

Leap Programs provide your organization with the most exciting vehicle for change: Adventure!

Our services allow participants to step away from their usual environment into a natural setting where creative perspectives on issues can be stimulated. Programs are customized to meet organizational/participant needs and often utilize experiential and outdoor challenge methods to foster positive growth and development including:

  • Communication and Trust-building Activities
  • Problem-solving Initiatives
  • Low and High Challenge Course Elements

Our “learn by doing” format creates an atmosphere in which participants must work together to achieve their personal or group goals. As they do, participants learn to value leadership, effective communication, fun and teamwork.

Benefits of a LEAP Adventure Program

Groups and individuals can improve their skills in teamwork, assertiveness, goal-setting, motivation, communication, stress management, problem-solving, self-esteem, leadership and decision making.

LEAP staff will meet with you and/or your team to identify the needs and goals of your program and implement it at our site or yours. Programs can range from several hours to several weeks, depending on specific goals.

Services Provided

Leadership training, staff development and team-building are the main services of the LEAP program.

Quality, growth and success are most often achieved through people working together in a process of continuous improvement facilitated by effective leaders. LEAP programs will facilitate your group’s ability to build a foundation of strong leadership, communication, commitment, trust and teamwork.

Educational Opportunities

Programs for schools and other educational institutions are provided to help students learn about their natural environment, build social skills and develop emotional competencies. Educational services are also provided for students and educators in areas such as leadership, stress management, communication skills and problem-solving.

Affective Education

Clinically-oriented services are provided under the direction of a licensed clinical psychologist. Single session and ongoing adventure-based counseling activities give individual attention to each client’s therapeutic goals. Services are offered to groups such as partial hospitals, group homes and special education programs.

Spiritual Growth and Development

The “Leap of Faith” program brings the same experiential format to its spiritual development retreats offered for youth and adults on various topics related to spiritual growth. Programs are offered to churches and other faith-based organizations.